Frequently Asked Questions


What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is the process of taking a good leader and making them great. We start by identifying your most important responsibilities, assessing your unique strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, building your self-awareness to see your situation more clearly. From there, we work together to unpack the challenges you face at work, build new insights and perspectives, and hold you accountable to new behaviors.

Why work with a coach?

The world’s most elite athletes and performers work with coaches to maximize their performance, so why shouldn’t you?

Running a startup is one the hardest things you can do. Most of your company's success hinges on your ability to think clearly and make high-impact decisions. And on top of that, while your team and customers depend on you, they often don’t understand what you're going through. The natural response to all this is to feel stuck and freak out.

Rather than solve individual problems, coaching focuses on improving you, the individual, so that you can improve performance over time. Imagine how much more valuable you could make your company with even just a 10% boost to how you show up every day.

What sort of people do you work with?

I work with early stage startup leaders who are invested in their own development and want to be more effective at work without burning themselves out. Most of my client companies are seed to Series B stage.

It’s very important that you are committed to change and are willing to be challenged on a regular basis. If you believe you can do it alone, then coaching isn’t for you.

What sort of things do you work on with clients?

Clients come to me for help on:

  • Scaling teams without breaking the company

  • Giving difficult feedback effectively

  • Finding purpose & meaning in their work

  • Increasing productivity and focus

  • Handling interpersonal challenges

  • Improving cofounder relationships

  • Becoming more resilient & managing stress

  • Creating clarity & alignment in chaotic environments

With my experience as a founder, investor, and product leader, I also advise on company building, fundraising, and product where appropriate.

Why “Dashing Leadership?”

There are a couple of meanings at play here. The first is obvious: dashing refers to the idea of moving quickly, which most startups value. But the second meaning is to focus on the present flow of our actions. Grammatically, the progressive verb tense describes an action in progress. “Building” is build- dash - ing. “Pitching” is pitch - dash - ing. I try to bring this concept of present-moment flow to my clients, hence the play on words.

What’s the time commitment?

Typically, I will have a 1-hour long video call with you on a biweekly basis. In some cases, we will have a call every week. Engagements length can be open-ended or based on a fixed number of months, depending on your development goals.

How do I work with you?

If you are interested in working together, the first step is to schedule an introduction call with me. Together we’ll explore your current challenges and figure out if we are a strong fit for one another.